Sunday Worship

1. Prayer

We worship verbally. During our services, we pray at the beginning, asking God to help us focus on Him. We pray during our musical worship to remain focused on Him. We pray for blessings on our lives. We pray for generosity when we worship through giving and for stewardship of our resources. We pray that our teaching glorifies God. We pray before we leave, that God will be with us and glorified through us throughout the week.


2. Music & Media

We worship musically. Music is a tool for worship used by God’s people for thousands of years. There is no prescribed style for this music. So when we sing, we sing timeless hymns and modern songs that are God-centered, focused on who He is and what He has done. We use large screens for song lyrics so all can sing. We use video, images and graphics to engage the mind toward God.


3. Teaching

We worship intellectually. Our goals in teaching are 3-fold: To inform understanding of God and truth, to ignite passion for God’s supremacy and beauty, and to inspire action that brings God glory on Earth and invites people to receive His grace.


4. Giving

We worship financially. Giving is a form of worship prescribed by God for His people.


5. Passion

We worship passionately. Some people pray aloud and raise their hands. Some people laugh or cry, shout or kneel. Some people are quiet and reflective. We encourage our people to worship relationally, not culturally.


6. Communion & Baptism

We worship sacramentally. On the second Sunday of even numbered months, we partake of Holy Communion, which is a remembrance of Christ’s suffering for us. Together we eat bread and drink of the cup to symbolize Jesus’ death – His broken body and spilled blood – that gives us life. And several times a year, we baptize new believers in water, which is a public declaration of faith and a spiritual symbol of new life in Christ.

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